Car Dealerships


Are You Being Seen in Your “Best Light”?

Car Dealership Lighting: The appearance of a dealer’s product is as important as the service they provide! Each area of the dealership has a different flow of traffic.  From the lot lighting that showcases the flawless color of a new car, to the building and canopy lighting that makes the building an inviting place to make a purchase, COX Electric will keep you shining in the best light!

We Understand Your Needs

Are your lot lights and showroom lights showing off the radiant color of your vehicles?  Not only does bright, consistent lighting pull a potential customer onto your lot, but it allows them to see your inventory in the best light!  Multiple outages can create a damaging effect to your image and drive potential customers to your competition.  Call us today to learn about Maintenance Options to keep your lot in the game!

If you want to increase productivity in your service department, look to your lighting!  Having the proper lighting in your service department is crucial to the productivity of your employees.  Keeping the lighting fresh and bright will ensure that your technicians can see every detail of their important work without straining their eyes.  Call us today to learn about maintenance options to keep your technicians the best in the business!

We understand that your signs are your image.  Whether you are installing new signs or need help maintaining your existing signs, call the experts at COX Electric.  Our experience in fluorescent, neon, and LED sign lighting will ensure that your signs will represent your image in the best light.

If you are thinking of purchasing new equipment, think about COX Electric!  We have been installing circuits for vehicle lifts, spray booths, and office equipment for Car Dealerships for 29 years!  You can trust us to work around your busy schedule and get you back up and running as quickly as possible!

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